The Truline Recorder from Honeywell: Revolutionizing Analog Recording with Genuine Honeywell Parts from Graphic Controls

by Matthew Kallin

For certain applications, instrumentation specialists continue to rely on analog recorders for reliability, consistency in measurement and meeting regulatory needs. The Honeywell Truline Recorder is one such instrument which is still relied on today to replace aging recorders and for new applications alike.

The Truline Recorder from Honeywell is a well-known and reliable analog recorder that revolutionized the industry with its ability to print both the chart grid and data on a standard thermal chart. This made it easier for industries to track and analyze data, ensuring better accuracy and efficiency.

But with any technology, it is inevitable that parts will wear out over time, leading to the need for replacements. That’s where Genuine Honeywell Recording Charts and Marking Systems come in. They are essential components that keep the Truline Recorder running in top shape, ensuring that data is accurately recorded and analyzed.

At Graphic Controls, we understand the importance of keeping your recorders running smoothly. That’s why we stock commonly used Genuine Honeywell Parts for Truline Recorders, making it easier for our key customers to consolidate Purchase Orders and Shipments. By consolidating shipments, we can reduce costs and minimize our carbon footprint, which is essential in today’s environmentally conscious world.

As a leading supplier of data recording products, we provide a wide range of Genuine Honeywell Recording Charts, Marking systems, and other key parts to help keep your Truline Recorder operating at peak performance. Our stocking recommendations for replaceable parts include thermal charts, ink pens, and other critical components that are essential for accurate data recording.

Our customers often have concerns about the availability and quality of replacement parts for their analog recorders. We understand these concerns and aim to provide our customers with peace of mind by offering only Genuine Honeywell Parts that are designed to work seamlessly with Truline Recorders. Our parts are of the highest quality, ensuring that our customers receive reliable and accurate data recording.

We believe that our commitment to providing high-quality Genuine Honeywell Parts, along with our dedication to reducing costs and minimizing our carbon footprint, makes us the ideal partner for your data recording needs. Whether you need replacement parts for your Truline Recorder or other data recording products, Graphic Controls has got you covered.

See below for stocking recommendations for replaceable parts.

KeyPart #DescriptionSpare Parts (Per 10)Spare Parts (Per 100)QTY Per Unit
1-351309609-503Latch/Lock Assembly Kit (Note 2)131
1-3A30755980-006Key kit for keyed latch or lock131
1-3A51452208-503NEMA4X Latch Kit131
For Heavy Duty doors only (before 3/99): for knob type latch, order kit 30756584-001; for latch with lock and key, order kit 30756584-002. For Heavy Duty doors (after 3/99): for knob type latch and/or latch with lock and key, order 51404673-501.
KeyPart #DescriptionSpare Parts (per 10)Spare Parts (per 100)QTY Per Unit
130756304-501Truline Pen Arm Assembly (high speed)151
230754957-501Membrane Switch Key Pad151
3(K)30756150-001Chart Hub Kit132
430756113-501Chart Motor (includes Chart Hub Kit)131
530757571-501Display PCB (includes key no. 6)151
830754975-503Servo Plate Assembly (includes key no. 7)121
1030754977-503Chart plate for standard (high speed) pen121
1030754977-504Chart plate for abrasion resistant pen121
1030754977-513Chart plate for standard (high speed) pen – CE Mark121
1030754977-514Chart plate for abrasion resistant pen – CE Mark121
KeyPart #DescriptionSpare Parts (Per 10)Spare Parts (Per 100)QTY Per Unit
130754982-502Main Transformer131
251309355-502Main PCB – CE Mark (model DR45AT)151
251309355-503Main PCB – CE Mark (model DR45AR)151
251309355-504Main PCB – CE Mark (model DR45AW)151
251309355-505Main PCB – CE Mark (model DR45AH/AP/AS)151

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