Asset Acquisition Announcement: Print Media, Inc.

May 7, 2024


We are pleased to announce that Nissha Medical Technologies (headquartered in the United States, hereinafter “NMT”), a consolidated subsidiary of Nissha Co. Ltd. (hereinafter “Nissha”), has acquired the medical chart paper and industrial ticket business from Print Media, Inc. and Amtec Sales, Inc (headquartered in Miami, Florida in the United States, hereinafter “Print Media”).

At Nissha Medical Technologies, we have long been committed to delivering high-quality and value-added products in the field of medical devices on a global scale. We offer medical device contract development and manufacturing services (CDMO) primarily to major medical device manufacturers in Europe and the United States, as well as manufacturing and selling our own branded products such as ECG electrodes, defibrillation electrodes, and medical chart paper for healthcare institutions.

This acquisition adds to our existing medical chart paper business, in addition to the sale and distribution of video film and related mission critical monitoring applications. Print Media provides patient monitoring charts and media compatible with the main recording devices used in many healthcare institutions, particularly in the United States.

Through this acquisition, we will expand our product lineup of branded medical chart paper and gain access to new sales channels. Furthermore, through the integration of operations, including the transfer of the business to our Buffalo, New York, USA NMT headquarters, we aim to improve operational efficiency, leading to enhanced profitability.


Overview of Acquired Business of Print Media

Business Outline

Medical chart paper & digital imaging media

Outlook going forward

The impact of this transaction on Nissha’s consolidated results for the current fiscal year is expected to be negligible. Going forward, if revisions to business forecasts or the announcement of other matters become necessary, we will make prompt disclosure of the same.

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