How to Combat Overuse Injury “Tech Neck”

by Jason Obrokta 

Tech Neck is a relatively new term used to describe the pain and discomfort experienced in the neck, shoulders, and upper back as a result of prolonged use of smartphones, tablets, and computers. This is an overuse injury where the muscles of the neck and back are under constant strain. With many people spending a significant amount of time on their devices, Tech Neck has become increasingly common. Fortunately, TENS electrodes can be used to relieve the symptoms of Tech Neck and promote relaxation and pain relief.

TENS therapy has been used for decades to treat various types of pain, including back pain, arthritis, and migraines. It works by sending electrical impulses through the skin to the nerves, blocking pain signals and releasing endorphins, the body’s natural painkillers. Using TENS electrodes for Tech Neck is a safe, non-invasive, and drug-free way to reduce pain and discomfort.


Simply peel the TENS electrode off the skin when stimulation is complete, and place back on the correct side of the protective liner to be easily accessed and reused for the next stimulation session.


TENS electrodes may be reused up to 20 times or more. The life of the electrode varies depending on skin conditions, skin preparation, type of stimulation, storage and climate.


TENS electrodes come in multiple shapes and sizes to contour to every body type and can be easily applied to several different parts of the body.

TENS therapy can be an effective way to relieve Tech Neck pain and promote relaxation and pain relief. However, it’s important to note that TENS therapy is not suitable for everyone, so it’s essential to consult with your healthcare provider before using TENS electrodes. With proper use, limiting screen time, and good posture, TENS electrodes can be a valuable tool in managing Tech Neck and improving your quality of life.

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