Go to Market Faster with Accelerator Program

All too often, unforeseen issues associated with a new production launch or manufacturing transfer surface well after the project has commenced. Nissha Medical Technologies Accelerator Programs have been designed to address these exact issues and help you go to market faster and more efficiently. Each program is customized to your needs, bringing together a diverse team of experts in an on-site event to evaluate any opportunity range of options and make decisions more efficiently and effectively.  Our vertically integrated capabilities coupled with our knowledgeable team will bring your product to life.


Streamline the development of wearable devices through real time product development, significantly reduce prototype evaluation lead times, and accelerate and economize the development process from start to finish. The Wearables Lab Accelerator Program is the industry’s only platform combining advanced clinical knowledge, design know-how, material expertise, testing development and rapid prototyping.



Medical device product development teams are often tasked to bring products to market as quickly and as cost effectively as possible. Speed to market often comes at the cost of an optimized design from the perspective of a commercially scalable product. The Design for excellence (DFX) Accelerator offers a holistic view at solving complex, discrete design and manufacturing challenges within a condensed period, optimizing overall value while meeting product design requirements.



Reduce unforeseen issues associated with a new production launch or manufacturing transfer that surface well after the project has commenced and have a high likelihood of resulting in missed timelines and budgets. The Pre-Production Accelerator program is an invaluable resource employing lean tools and behaviors early in the production planning process to reduced wastes, mitigate risks, and realize opportunities.