Acquisition Announcement: Isometric Micro Molding

Nissha Medical Technologies is excited to share the latest chapter in our journey toward medical innovation. Following a resolution from our Board of Directors on December 4, 2023, we formalized a definitive agreement to acquire the majority equity of Isometric Intermediate LLC., owner of the Isometric group of companies, an esteemed medical micro-molding company. The completion of this acquisition is scheduled to occur in late December following necessary filings. This strategic agreement aligns seamlessly with our mission to deliver high-quality, value added products in the global medical device market.

Operating as a Contract Design/Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), our comprehensive business model spans the design, development, and manufacturing of minimally invasive surgical instruments and medical wearables. Now, with Isometric’s 30 years of expertise, specifically in micro-molding, we are poised to usher in a new era of innovation in the medical device industry. 

Isometric’s proprietary tooling and process technologies for micro-molding have positioned them as trailblazers in achieving single micron tolerances. Their micro-formed products have significantly contributed to the miniaturization of endoscopic and surgical devices, enhancing functionality and driving improved patient outcomes. With in-house expertise in tool making, molding process controls, advanced metrology, micro 3D printing, and micro-assembly automation platforms, Isometric has become a trusted solution provider in the development, and manufacturing of micro-formed parts and assemblies.

This strategic acquisition not only fortifies our commitment to advancing medical device technology but also synergizes with our recent capital and business partnership with EndoTheia. With EndoTheia specializing in the design and development of endoscopic devices, and now with Isometric’s micro-molding capabilities, our combined strength is set to redefine the landscape of minimally invasive surgical instruments and surgical robotics. Together, we aim to meet the evolving needs of medical devices, enhancing component miniaturization and improving the maneuverability of small and precision components, ultimately contributing to improved medical efficiency.

The fusion of Nissha Medical, EndoTheia and Isometric’s capabilities is a testament to our dedication to innovation, patient care, and sustainability. This strategic move aligns with our long-term sustainability vision, and commitment to leverage enabling technology as a platform to advance patient care as a medical CDMO. Stay tuned for the exciting journey ahead!

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NOTE: Isometric’s Technologies and Products illustrated are a portion of the portfolio. All are in various stages of regulatory market review. Currently, Nissha does not manufacture or sell in Japan.

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