Nissha Medical Technologies Location Spotlight: Buffalo, NY

City of Good Neighbors at Nissha Medical Technologies in Buffalo, NY

As the proud headquarters of Nissha Medical Technologies, we not only embody innovation and engagement but also reflect the true essence of the “City of Good Neighbors.” Let’s delve into what makes our company and this city a great place to be.

Cultivating a Culture of Engagement and Excellence

At Nissha Medical Technologies, we believe that a strong and engaged workforce is the cornerstone of success. Our commitment to fostering an exceptional workplace culture is evident through our array of employee engagement events. From monthly contests that fuel creativity to our annual summer picnic that brings together colleagues and families, we’re more than just a company – we’re a community. The camaraderie extends to our company softball team and even an employee cruise, creating bonds that go beyond the office.

But it’s not just about fun – we care deeply about our team’s well-being. Our comprehensive benefits package, including 401k plans and ample paid time off, underscores our commitment to their holistic development.

Empowering Healthcare Through Innovation

At Nissha Medical Technologies, we’re not just creating products; we’re making a difference in the healthcare field. Since our inception as Graphic Controls and our transition to Nissha Medical Technologies, we’ve been on a journey of growth and innovation in Medical Device Manufacturing. Our capabilities span a wide range, including Clean Room operations, Lamination/Converting, Automation, Injection Molding, and Ink/Gel Manufacturing. As we continue to evolve, our emphasis on continuous improvement, problem-solving, and creative thinking drives us toward a future filled with growth and success.

Entertainment and Natural Wonders

Buffalo’s passionate sports culture is undeniable, with teams like the Buffalo Bills, Buffalo Sabres, Buffalo Bisons, and Buffalo Bandits ingrained in the city’s identity. The city’s “Bills Mafia” brings contagious energy to football season, with the “Shout” song at every touchdown being heard from miles away and of course, plenty of folding tables jumped through.

When you’re seeking cultural enrichment, Shea’s Theatre stands ready to impress with its opulent architecture and a variety of performances, from Broadway shows to musical concerts.

Just a short drive from Buffalo you can find the majestic wonder of Niagara Falls. Get up close with attractions like the ‘Maid of the Mist,’ a mist-filled boat tour, or the ‘Cave of the Winds,’ where you’ll get up close and personal with the raw power of the thunderous waterfall.

Embrace Buffalo’s Unique Spirit

Buffalo’s inclusivity has earned it the title of “All America” City, celebrated for its welcoming atmosphere and diverse neighborhoods. Just as Nissha Medical Technologies continues to grow and innovate, the city evolves with its captivating landmarks, dynamic seasons, and rich cultural experiences. If you’re working in or just visiting Buffalo, remember that here, it’s not just “Hello” or “Goodbye” – it’s “Go Bills!”

If you’d like to be part of a dynamic, growing team making a difference and embracing company culture, check out our openings and start your career: