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Nissha Group is a forward thinking global company. We realize the enrichment of people’s lives by creating technology and developing it into economic and social value through the diverse capabilities, passion, and leadership of the global Nissha Group.

Nissha Medical Technologies manufactures and distributes a wide range of dependable, high quality and easy-to-use consumable medical products, including Patient Monitoring and Medical Surgical Devices direct to hospitals around the world.  Nissha’s diverse manufacturing capabilities ranging from medical devices to consumer electronics and automotive will continue to foster tremendous growth, making NMT an industry leader.


NMT 360° is your resource for up to date, interesting information about products, industry news, career highlights and much more. With our teams’ years of experience, from marketing, to engineering to quality, we’re certain there will be something for everybody.


As NMT continues to grow, our quality and service remains best-in-class. We offer a full service website with online ordering and a Literature Download Center. Or, if you prefer to speak with someone, you can contact one of our dedicated team members directly by calling 1.800.669.6906.


At the heart of every NMT product is our commitment to quality and service. Together, we advance patient care.



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Acquisition Announcement: Isometric Micro Molding
Acquisition Announcement: Isometric Micro Molding
December 5, 2023

Nissha Medical Technolgies is thrilled to announce a game-changing acquisition. Following a recent Board of Directors resolution, we are acquiring shares of Isometric Micro Molding, Inc., a leader in Medical Technologies. As a global Contract Design/Development and Manufacturing Organization (CDMO), this move aligns with our commitment to driving innovation in medical devices. With Isometric’s expertise in micro-molding and 30 years of experience, we’re set to revolutionize minimally invasive surgical instruments and explore new frontiers in surgical robotics.

Acquisition Announcement – Cardinal Health, Inc. Medical Chart Business
Acquisition Announcement – Cardinal Health, Inc. Medical Chart Business
November 10, 2023

Exciting news! Nissha Medical Technologies (NMT) has successfully acquired Cardinal Health’s Medical Chart Paper Business. Our commitment is to expand and optimize the Chart Paper portfolio while continuing to provide exceptional customer service and support.

This acquisition includes the manufacturing and sale of Patient Monitoring Chart Paper for Cardiology and Fetal Monitoring that will enhance our existing comprehensive catalog, as well as the sale and distribution of Digital Imaging Media.

Acquisition Announcement: EndoTheia
Acquisition Announcement: EndoTheia
November 7, 2023

Nissha Medical Technologies is thrilled to share that NMT has officially entered a capital and business partnership with EndoTheia, Inc. EndoTheia specializes in the design and development of endoscopic devices. They have introduced groundbreaking capabilities that enhance the maneuverability and precision of current endoscopic tools. Their patent portfolio provides the basis of technology that holds promise for improving patient outcomes when compared to conventional endoscopic devices and robotic platforms.