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Nissha Group is a forward thinking global company. We realize the enrichment of people’s lives by creating technology and developing it into economic and social value through the diverse capabilities, passion, and leadership of the global Nissha Group.

Nissha Medical Technologies manufactures and distributes a wide range of dependable, high quality and easy-to-use consumable medical products, including Patient Monitoring and Medical Surgical Devices direct to hospitals around the world.  Nissha’s diverse manufacturing capabilities ranging from medical devices to consumer electronics and automotive will continue to foster tremendous growth, making NMT an industry leader.


NMT 360° is your resource for up to date, interesting information about products, industry news, career highlights and much more. With our teams’ years of experience, from marketing, to engineering to quality, we’re certain there will be something for everybody.


As NMT continues to grow, our quality and service remains best-in-class. We offer a full service website with online ordering and a Literature Download Center. Or, if you prefer to speak with someone, you can contact one of our dedicated team members directly by calling 1.800.669.6906.


At the heart of every NMT product is our commitment to quality and service. Together, we advance patient care.



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Micro Molding Revolution: Small Tech, Big Impact
Micro Molding Revolution: Small Tech, Big Impact
July 8, 2024

Our new partner, Isometric Micro Molding, is a leader in the fascinating world of miniaturization. But what exactly does that mean? Buckle up because we’re about to shrink down to a whole new scale!

Nissha and Academia: Pioneering Surgical Innovations
Nissha and Academia: Pioneering Surgical Innovations
June 6, 2024

NMT’s partnership with Endotheia, a spin-out from Vanderbilt University known for its dexterous steerable device technologies, exemplifies how strategic collaborations can enhance innovation. Here, we outline the genesis of these collaborations, their current status, and future goals focused on strategic alignment and mutual benefit.

Pressing Forward: Nissha’s Journey Of Vision And Victory
Pressing Forward: Nissha’s Journey Of Vision And Victory
May 14, 2024

At the heart of every business decision lies a narrative—a story that intertwines past endeavors with future aspirations. For Nissha, the journey from its humble beginnings in 1929 to its present stature as a global leader in technology is one marked by visionary leadership, commitment, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.