4 Ways Nissha Medical Technologies Can Help Your Business Grow

Nissha Medical Technologies (formerly Graphic Controls and Vermed) has a long history of developing and manufacturing high quality products for the medical community. The organization puts a strong emphasis on continual process improvement to help drive efficiencies and predictability throughout the product life cycle. It is this philosophy which has been able to sustain the growth and success of the company for over 100 years.

Over that period, the product portfolio has grown and today, Nissha Medical Technologies manufactures and distributes a wide array of medical charts, defibrillator pads, ECG electrodes, ultrasound films, TENS electrodes and much more. Our world-class service and support have also made us a go-to source for these products in the medical industry. Additionally, we offer our customers and partners the opportunity to private label many of these products for use in their commercial offerings.

Whether a manufacturer is looking to outsource part of their production or they are aiming to add components to a new product for their go-to-market strategy realization, our team at Nissha Medical Technologies can help.

Partnering with Nissha Medical Technologies provides several advantages to organizations of any size:

  1. Expert manufacturing. Nissha Medical Technologies excels at bringing to market cost effective custom label products and has a long history in the medical device manufacturing space.
  2. Significant cost savings. Rather than taking on the development, start-up, tooling and labor costs associated with bringing a new product to market, our private label options allow for turnkey solutions to get you up and running faster and with less expense.
  3. Scalability for your business. As your business grows, Nissha Medical Technologies will be right there with you to accommodate that growth. The combined output of our businesses brings easy scaling solutions to support your success.
  4. Brand strength. We all want to be the one-stop-shop for our customers but at times, parts may fall outside of your organization’s core competencies. With custom labeled products added to your portfolio, you can keep your customers in your ecosystem and grow your brand’s value.

Learn more about how your business can benefit from our years of medical device manufacturing experience and start taking your growth to the next level. Contact our Custom Label Team.